Ogar - unmanned flying multirotor system

OGAR is a world class unmanned multirotor system designed by Novelty RPAS company. This system was created on the basis of our 10 years experience in the field of design and operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

The OGAR system is a tool for the most demanding users. The platform is constructed entirely of high tech carbon fiber composite materials in the process of vacuum forming, making it extremely durable. Ultra-light weight design with cutting edge electric motors provides a 15 kg maximum take-off weight (X4 configuration) and extended flight time (up to 70 minutes) compared to the majority of platforms available on the market. The features of the system, such as easy operation, durability, high level of autonomy and safety procedures, put it at the forefront of the professional market.

System's features

ikony_kompozytowyHigh quality and durability
Fully composite construction

Modular and versatile

ikony_autonomiaMost operations done for you
High level of autonomy

Flight time 70 minutes

ikony_bezpieczny Safety
Crash avoidance system and emergency parachute

Payload up to 3 kg (X4)

Centimeter accuracy with GNSS RTK GPS/GLONASS module

ikony_zgrana_ekipa Available in a close-knit team
Consultancy – Delivery – Training – Assistance – Warranty – Service – Upgrading

Remotely piloted aircraft system for Professionals equipped with a fully composite multirotor platform in four-propeller setup.

Ogar flight

One of the key system features providing an extraordinary usefulness is its ability to carry out various tasks by fitting in replaceable modules.

The biggest advantage of multirotor platforms is the ability to perform vertical take-offs and landings, which makes the „Ogar” capable of accomplishing the mission even in difficult terrain. By equipping the system with autopilot and ground control station, the platform can perform the task completely automatically including take-offs and landings.

Ogar – The Polish Hound, a breed of hunting dog indigenous to Poland. The hounds with their gentle disposition are extremely durable and resistant, have a compact design and a firm footing. Their size and weight command respect. Although they often move away from the owner, they have a great sense of direction.

By equipping the system in GNSS RTK module drone can be auto-navigated with centimeter-level positioning accuracy.


Drone’s exceptional and unique design is reserved and protected with Registered Industrial Design EM 002673533-0001, which is the intellectual property of Novelty RPAS company.

Ogar with GeoScanner module (24 MP, 20 mmm) during 45 minutes flight can gather data of the following parameters for an orthophotomap in daylight.

Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) Altitude (AGL) Area (O65%, S20%) Area (O85%, S65%)
20 cm 1000 m 13,5 km2 5,7 km2
10 cm 500 m 7 km2 3 km2
5 cm 250 m 3,1 km2 1,4 km2
3 cm 140 m 1,8 km2 0,8 km2
2 cm 90 m 1,1 km2 0,5 km2
1 cm 40 m 0,5 km2 0,2 km2
0,5 cm 20 m 0,25 km2 0,04 km2

O (overlap) – coverage in the flight line direction
S (sidelap) – coverage in the lateral direction

Featured modules offered with the OGAR system define its functions.

it allows creating accurate maps, orthophotomaps, 3D terrain models, performing measurements and taking remarkable aerial photographs


WatchDog RGBWatchDog RGB
a functionality that allows conducting daylight observation

WatchDog Wiris
a module designed for conducting inspections and surveillance with the use of daylight and infrared camera

Target tracking

AgroObserver NIRAgroObserver NIR
a module enabling the creation of plant health maps with the use of near-infrared (NIR) camera

AgroObserverAgroObserver MCA
a module enabling the creation of plant health maps with the use of multispectral camera (MCA)

a module designed for professional aerial video recording

a functionality allowing fast delivery by air, especially to hard-to-reach areas

a module designed for detection and measurement of air pollution level




Brochures and leaflets


  • Linia elektroenergetyczna 400 kV - Zabrze-Rokitnica
    Detection and prevention of possible breakages to electricity/telecommunication poles as well as ground/submarine pipelines.
  • Fragment mapy zniszczeń
    Surveillance of the environment aiding rescue services in land, water and mountainous regions.
  • GeoSkaner Albatrosem | Operacje UAV Novelty RPAS
    Precise terrain mapping for land surveying and spatial planning.
  • Obserwacja dronem | Drony dla firm | Novelty RPAS
    Security, tracking and monitoring people and property. Monitoring mass events and aerial support during pursuits.
  • Pilszcz Branice - Numeryczny Model Pokrycia Terenu
    Three dimensional terrain mapping, assistance in planning operations, determination of area and volume.
  • GeoSkaner Albatrosem | Operacje UAV Novelty RPAS
    Conducting quality analysis, development and plant health, records of plots.
  • Obserwacja dronem | Drony dla firm | Novelty RPAS
    Forest observation aimed at prevention and fire detection, response and detection of raw meterials theft and wild animal documentation.
  • Monitoring mienia dronem - Skierniewice | Novelty RPAS
    Accurate aerial imaging.